Management Team

Kabadoni is a boutique hotel managed by the company Redix. The scope of activity of Redix involves the management and development of real estate: housing, office and commercial spaces, and other facilities. The HoReCa network of the company integrates hotels, restaurants and cafes not only within Tbilisi but throughout Georgia. Currently, there are more than 20 projects with different concepts and functions in the managerial portfolio of Redix.
Lasha Papashvili – Director General, Redix – “Kabadoni is the first hotel in Georgia granted membership in the network of Preferred Hotel Group - Preferred Boutique ( which is one of the leading international brands in the hospitality industry. Considered altogether, there are around 700 independent luxury hotels and health resorts consolidated in the company in about 70 countries throughout the world: America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific countries.
Georgia has immense tourism potential…from year to year, more and more tourists are attracted by its cultural heritage, historical monuments, nature, cuisine, wine, and agrotourism resources. Our aim is to make these tourist regions more lively, improve local infrastructure and create comfortable conditions for holidaymakers”.