Finnish Sauna

The healing features of the traditional Finnish Sauna are recognized worldwide. It is considered that hot air not only cleans and rejuvenates the skin, but also cures a whole human body of various diseases. The Finnish sauna clears toxins from tissues, reduces weight, helps relaxation, and relieves stress. After sauna therapy, your skin will become perceptibly healthy, smooth and radiant; your mood will become much more elated and positive.

Aroma Sauna

Aromatherapy is an ancient method using essential oils. It improves human health in a safe and efficient way. The secret of the effectiveness of an Aroma Sauna comes from the combination of steam and aromatherapy. During this procedure, medicinal essences penetrate into vessels that are absorbed by the human body, resulting in improved health.
Aroma Sauna will improve your immunity, suppress pain in muscles, and relax your body and mind. After the procedure, traces of nervousness and tension caused by stress will disappear; your skin will rejuvenate and become more clear and radiant.