Brand Affiliation

Hotels and health resorts that are members of the Preferred Boutique network stand out for their uniqueness and exclusivity. Preferred Boutique hotels have a special place in travelers’ impressions and are always unforgettable.
Preferred Boutique was founded in 2005. Soon it made a name for itself as a brand that established standards for boutique hotels. Today, customers directly associate Preferred Boutique with a wonderful holiday experience. Member hotels of this network are divided into four categories: CLASSIC, DESIGN, ADVENTURE and RESORT. Such division makes it easier to identify the services and styles offered by a particular hotel, as well as to assist customers in making the right choice with regard to their taste: those who like modern design and exquisite services will show preference for DESIGN. CLASSIC is for those who are generally captivated by traditions and elegance; ADVENTURE offers holidaymakers a luxurious but adventurous environment; and RESORT invokes exclusivity and individual services.
Preferred Boutique hotels are built in the most beautiful parts of the world. There are urban hotels, tent camps, palaces and private islands in the diverse list of the projects of Preferred Boutique. Hotel Keppler (Paris), The Sherry-Netherland (New York), Peter Island (Caribbean Islands), and others are included in the list of Preferred Boutique properties.
Preferred Boutique is a member of the family of brands united in the Preferred Hotel Group. Its visitors have the opportunity to take part in the I Prefer™ Guest Benefit Program and enjoy various advantages: points earned for every eligible stay, VIP benefits such as priority early check-in or late check-out, complimentary internet access or welcome amenities, and even reward certificates for room charges or hotel amenities.
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